Page 629: air -38-

This week features a nice money shot of the Castores, West’s entry in the All Daedalus Summarize Plot Competition, and oh yeah the very anticlimactic results of the operation.

As I mentioned in a Thursday blog post, the chapter is done. The remaining pages will be posted on Sundays through the end of November, and at some point in the next few weeks there’ll be a new version of the website. After finishing required CG, unrequired bonus CG, and the last three pages of the chapter this past week I started work on website version thirteen on Friday, and started on CSS yesterday. The new site is being developed at home and is shaping up nicely. My brain is lasered in on it at the moment, so I’m slipping in the fact that I need to post this weeks page and ink a commission into the transitional space between the afternoon walk and the scheduled work session.

I’m not keen on how Ornix turned out in panel four, though I’m fine with the rest of the page. Raven turned out better than usual and Ornix looks great on the next page, so tune in next week to see that!

Also next week: PLOT!

Blog: TV.3 Asset Development Analysis (or, the pre-post production blog post)

The last page of TV.3, air -44-, ATC page 635 (story page 612) rolled off the assembly line around 0600 EST this morning. That makes for a total of seven pages in the buffer. On the current Sunday schedule that covers the rest of October and all of November, with the last page finished this morning having a projected post date of November 30. Air -42- will be posted on the 16th and is closest to ATC’s 20th birthday. I can never remember the exact date; I know it’s November 1994, somewhere in the middle. One of the “teen” days.

The comic is currently two pages into the last major production block of the chapter. I took advantage of a scheduling hole in late September and got the rest of the Daedalus shots rendered in a marathon work session. After that, pages 3.36 through 3.38 were done in one production block and 3.39 through 3.41 were created the week after. After finishing line art for the chapter I spent a fortnight on asset development, which is the point of this blog post. As I’ll be discussing material that will be technically spoilery for the next few weeks I’ll tuck the rest of this post below the fold. Read More →